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Liking the internal monologues there, CM!

I've added a table of stats in the first post. I'll also add relevant information later, such as inventory, and spells/abilities of each class for everyone (especially Muro's) convenience. This way there's no need to go dredging the thread for information.

Scras - you appear to be missing a stat; Perception. Would you mind making some rolls for it, and i'll add it to the table?
also Val + Scras, do you happen to have your total hitpoints handy? I could only find your dice in this thread.

Also, if you notice a mistake in the stats and such just let me know and i'll fix it up promptly :)

Chaosmark, I must disappoint you, but I have no apples to dispense.

What I have to dispense is my memorized spells list, for Muro's convenience:
We can tick them off as they get used.

Echo: I think Saano would rather fight the entire Trojan War by himself than play that particular variant of Catch with Anquetiti.

Of course, your choice of words is now changing the image in OOC-Saano's head from "bush viper" to "turret".

Ok, got quite lost in that analogy there. Go send Sherlock to find me.



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