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Copper cubes yes!

So we have :
100 copper Cobres=1 silver Tail
20 silver Tails=1 gold Rindod
10 gold Rindods=1 Bezoom

(Back to gm posting tonite after work, gents!)

Unkind folks would call Iskander a mongrel. Unkind, perhaps, but quite true. He draws his lineage from numerous peoples around the Trade Sea, with his father nearly as mixed as he, and his mother a formidable Hallene lady.  He most closely resembles his mother’s people, but could easily pass for others.  Neither his skin tone or hair are remarkable, and his eyes are sufficiently dark to make it difficult to discern their color.

Iskander has had a busy life to this point, having travelled to most cities that ring the Trade Sea, usually serving as a guard, interpreter or bodyguard. Charismatic and strong, he made friends easily, though most could detect the steel beneath the smile.  While he holds strongly to his promises and his own beliefs, he is first and foremost a pragmatist.

Name:   Iskander                  Age:      24
Class:   Fixer(Militant)         
Level:   2                    Height:      5’8”
Race:   Human,multiracial      Weight:   178lbs

S      17         Languages
I      13         Hallene
W      10         Farsi
D      14         Turkish
Co      16         Spanish
Ch      17
Per      9

HP:   2D10+4


Ink & Parchment
Thieves Tools
Short Bow
20 Arrows & quiver
Leather Armor
Banded Armor (Stowed)
Small Shield
Helm (conical)

Thieves Abilities:

Open Locks:   25%
Find/Remove Traps: 20%
Move Silently: 15%
Hide in shadows 10%
Climb Walls: 85%

Short Bow

Rope Use

Woooh! Good stuff, Val! Now bring on Scras and we're set!


--- Quote ---It has not taken long for the fixer to find his way in Abodroc. He arrived six months ago from the coastal city of Zola-Garsa, where some unpleasantness with the standing army enticed Iskander to seek new ground. Since his arrival he has worked the door at the scandalous Petulant Pigeon, saved a celebrated courtesan named Enethae from a certain death, served as body-guard to Boaz Balbastrata, head of the Architect's Guild, and fought ably on the Bridge of Duels, during the annual, and legendary, bare-fist mob battle, known as the Folcana-Beltran War. Currently, Iskander is somewhat bored. He has been hired by a plump trade-priest named Joachim Ebellos to serve as personal guard, "in case their is an attempt on my life!". Nothing of note however has happened at the estate of Joachim Ebellos in the last three weeks. At least today there were some visitors...
--- End quote ---

I promise I'll get a Canagadi post out this evening! Work has me running ragged.


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