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--- Quote ---Good day, ladies and germs. Inspired by a conversation in the chatroom, the magnanimous Murometz has decided to host a game in the moderated forum, the name of which is yet to be announced, however it draws inspiration from a medieval spanish type era, and fantasy - ergo swords and spells both are allowed. This game will take ooohh, 3-6 people, perhaps; depending on how much of a workload Murometz decides on taking on, and how much interest this game piques. Two slots are already taken up by myself and Dozus.

There is a kicker, however. A requirement for being a part of this game is that you must invent your very own, new class to play! That's right. You have to create a new class and a character go go along with that class. For example; I will be joining this roleplay as a Spellwriter/Thief (,3756.0.html). As I write this, Dozus is in chat with Murometz hammering out the details of his Holy Merchant/Cleric crossover known as the "Trade Priest".

The game will be DnDish, so if you have a character idea, try to loosely base it around that kind of structure. Don't stress too much about exact figures and such; Just the basic idea of what you want your class to be good at, and less good at.

The game will serve two purposes; Firstly, it will give you an environment to test out a new class and experiment with ideas. Secondly, it should be pretty fun!
My character so far is a small, weasely thieving spell-writing pessimist, drawn to dark things and with a painful history of his own. His name is Nisher Stryne; Nish for short.

So post your expressions of interest, boys and girls, and start thinking up a new and inventive class to thrust into this world and torture!
--- End quote ---

Stat/CharacterNishZuanSaanoIskanderAnnaInanStrength911817914Dexterity17121714149Constitution131318161617Intellect131513131612Wisdom171510101010Charisma9166171611Perception16151091111HP5/57/713/132d10+4112d6+4Nisher Stryne
Class skills
lvl 1: Sacrificial Vellum. Reduces damage by 1d2 +1 per lvl (to a minimum of 1 damage) at the cost of vellum tab. Maximum 3 (+1 per 5 lvls) on person. 1 is passively used whenever damage is taken, but spellwriter can actively choose to burn more in anticipation of the next round.

lvl 1: Signature spell. The Spellwriter has one signature spell which is slightly more powerful than other spells of it's level. This spell levels up as he does, gaining power, duration or additional effects.

lvl 3 : Spell leech. Starting at level 3, Spellwriters have a 10% (+2% per point of wisdom) to learn any spell cast around them. Spells succesfully learned will be able to be used the following day.  If a spell is cast that directly affects or harms the spellwriter, he or she has a 40% chance (+2% per wisdom) of learning that particular spell. Spells higher in level than the Spellwriter cannot be learned.

lvl 5: Spellsteal. The Spellwriter is able to use his book to draw in and absorb nearby cast spells. These stolen spells must be reused within 2 rounds, or it will burst from the book as pure magical energy, dealing 1d3 damage per level of the spell directly to the spellwriter. Higher level spells will incur a 30% failure chance per level above the Spellwriter's level. Spells which fail to be stolen will deal a 50% reduced effect on the Spellwriter.

lvl 8: Soulstore. An attack which would otherwise kill the Spellwriter will instead cause his soul to be stored, and the body healed back to 1d4 hp after 2 rounds after which the soul is returned to the body. If the body is decimated, the soul may still be stored within the book for up to 24 hours until it fades away. Bringing the book back to a powerful healer in this time frame may be enough for them to bring the body back through divine intervention and restore the Spellwriter.

Signature Spell
Shallow Water: Verbal spell/speech interrupt. +4 to hit enemy for 2 rounds.
Level 1
Magic Rope: Levitates a rope in midair for 4 rounds. Can hold up to two adult males.
Balls of Fire: Summons 3 balls around the caster's wrist, which can be thrown either all at once or seperately. Each ball deals 1d3 damage per level. Balls last 3 rounds or until thrown.
Sight Unseen: Effectively invisibility. Makes all those around the caster ignore him.
Shadow Lock: Locks a person into one place for 2 rounds. Can be resisted or broken early with a successful Strength or Wisdom roll. The victim can still perform actions, but cannot move or raise their legs.
Level 2
Shadowburn: All hostile targets within 30 yards of the caster, and is standing in shadow will suffer 1d4 mind damage per level, up to 6d4. Targets standing in direct light will not be harmed.
Knock: Works as per the knock spell.

Zuan Coursi
Class Skills

lvl 1: Silver-tongued: Trade priests gain a +1 bonus to Charisma checks whenever exchange of goods is involved. This bonus increases by +1 on every 3rd level.

lvl 1: Skillful Assessment: Trade priests gain a +1 to Appraise checks. This bonus increases by +1 on every 3rd level.

lvl 1: Lingua Franca: Trade priests gain one extra bonus language at level 1.

lvl 1: Divine Favor: The Divine Broker can be invoked by a trade priest for some favor. The type and quality of favor depends on the trade priest's level and votive offering.
Low-level favors: Favorable coin flips, marginally better price on trade goods, finding spare coinage necessary to purchase some basic good
Mid-level favors: Horses winning against strong odds, trade winds blowing unseasonably favorably, sealing a deal with potential customers
High-level favors: Trade agreements with royalty secured, winning against impossible odds, overnight market turnarounds

lvl 5: Increase Value: At level 5, the trade priest can increase an items value by changing its material composition. At level 5, the trade priest must pay half the cost of the resulting value. At level 10, 25% of the cost; at level 15, transmutation is free.

lvl 7: Liquidate Assets: At level 7, the trade priest can transmute an owned item into currency. The currency corresponds to the cash value of the item.


Saano Dealonar
Class Skills

Spellforms are temporary tattoos that provide extra options for the Guardian when dealing with the predators they hunt. These act much like spells, but are restricted to those that can be applied to tracking a target, fighting it, or protecting against it. Spellforms are applied to the skin using special inks that absorb, contain and protect the magic energies for up to a week before they starts to degrade.

Spellforms may be drawn at a cost of 1 HP per tattoo. Furthermore, actually casting a spellform also costs 1 HP (except the first spellform per day, which incurs no cost). However, drawn tattoos remain for up to a week at a time before the ink loses potency and evaporates. Once used, a spellform evaporates from the skin, its energies expended on the spell.

Hardened Body
Every other level, a Guardian's body has adapted itself further to the energies of spellforms, increasing the number of tattoos castable without draining HP by 1/day.
* Example: At level 2, the number of tattoos castable before draining HP is 2/day. At level 4, this increases to 3/day.

Permanent Tattoos
Every 2 levels, a Guardian's body has attained enough strength to support a permanent tattoo, one that remains active at all times and enhances his capabilities as a hunter. Tattoos can be chosen from the following list:
* Hunter's Strength -- Increases Strength by 1
* Hunter's Grace -- Increases Dexterity by 1
* Hunter's Reflexes -- Increases ability to dodge and initiative (-2 AC, +1 Initiative)
* Hunter's Senses -- Increases vision, hearing, and smell (+3 Perception)
* Hunter's Stamina -- Allows one extra tattoo per day to not cost HP

Offensive Spellform: Firespray
Shoots a small group of flaming spheres at the target, which explode in a fiery shockwave. Damage is 1d4 for every 2 levels, 5' radius per level.

Defensive Spellform: Defendarius
A maintained spellform, Defendarius creates a protective barrier that will absorb incoming damage each round, at the cost of 1 HP for each round it is kept active. The spellform can be maintained for as many rounds as it was prepared for; preparation is as other spellforms, with a 1HP cost per round of preparation. Damage absorbed is 1d4 for every 2 levels.

Offensive Spellform: Tangling Grasp
Inky, writhing shadows wrap around the target's limbs, slowing movement and making them easier to hit. +2 AC for 2 rounds.

Permanent Tattoos
Hunter's Stamina -- 1 extra spellform per day at no cost

Class Skills

lvl 1: People Person -When random encounters involve members of the same race of the fixer, their encounter level is increased favorably by one level, thus hostile would become wary, while neutral would become friendly, etc.
lvl 1: The Fixer can make a Charisma check to find a contacts for items, jobs, or favors. They can spend GP to increase the likelihood of finding the contact they desire.
lvl 1: Good Friends : Fixers have lots of friends and allies, and can have double the number of henchmen, but they are of limited and questionable loyalty.
lvl 1: Getting Hands Dirty - Fixers have thieves abilities at 1 level lower than the fixers level, limited to the following list:  Open Locks, Find/remove traps,Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Climb Walls.  The fixer may not wear armor heavier than studded leather while attempting any of these skills.
lvl 9: A Big House - At 9th level or higher, the fixer can establish a household, similar to a thieves' den, attracting followers who can be fighters, thieves and, if evil, assassins.

Thieves Abilities:

Open Locks:   25%
Find/Remove Traps: 20%
Move Silently: 15%
Hide in shadows 10%
Climb Walls: 85%

Anquetiti Sebasti
Class Skills

A Mountebank learns to manipulate luck and play upon the minds of others. His selection of Hexes and Boons reflects this (gain one every two levels, or in place of a feat). Hexes and boons can be used repetitively, but usually they are limited in duration, requiring continued attention, or, in some cases, they can't affect the same target more than once per day.

*Fair is Foul: The Mountebank can cause doubt to creep into the mind of a foe within 30 feet that she can see. The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following (Mountebank’s choice): AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. This hex lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the Mountebank’s Charisma modifier. A Will save reduces this to just 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect.
At 8th level the penalty increases to –4.

*Foul is Fair: A Mountebank can use this boon to cause fortune to ward one creature. The warded creature receives a +2 deflection bonus to AC and a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws. This ward lasts until the warded creature is hit or fails a saving throw. A Mountebank knows when a warded creature is no longer protected. A Mountebank can have only one ward active at a time. If the Mountebank uses this ability again, the previous ward immediately ends. She cannot use this ability on herself.

Stealth: 5+2+2
Bluff: 5+3
Perform: 5+3
Sleight of Hand: 5+2
Spellcraft: 5+3
Concentration: 5+1
Use Magic Device: 5+3

Level 0:
*Prestidigitation - used for entertainment, minor trickery, or to clean oneself in a hurry
*Trickster's Hands - juggle, slap at a distance, steal, or at least feel that silk you won't be able to buy!
*Pauper's Brew - makes alcohol more potent (beer as wine, wine as spirits, and spirits? Oh my).
*Vis of Vice - subject gains a +2 bonus on the next deed driven by passion.
*Wardrobe Malfunction - untie sandals, laces, ribbons or tear straps, for entertainment, embarrassment or a quick getaway.
*Detect Magic - as is.

Level 1:
*Charm Person - as is.
*Underdog's Luck - subject gains a +2 luck bonus whenever, in contest with another, he is worse off (strength contest versus a stronger foe, an armor bonus when fighting a stronger foe, or a to-hit bonus versus a foe in a heavier armor,...). Lasts 10 min/level.
*Brother Bear, Sister Swine - charm and handle as if trained an animal that is either mistreated by its handler/owner, or considered dangerous/unclean in the locale you're in. 1 hour/level.
*Change Gender - can increase masculinity/femininity as well, does not have to. 1 hour/level; if shape-shifted to female and becomes pregnant, locked in female form until birth is given.
*A Thousand Faces - alters appearance physically; can add minor exotic features or slightly alter girth/height; can confer short claws or short horns, or long canines or a prehensile tail. 1 hour/level.
*Cure Light Wounds - as is.
*Fool's Gold - makes an item appear far more valuable than it is. Lasts 10min/level.
*Luck of the Daring - choose a skill when casting this spell. Subject gains a +3 luck bonus to use this skill until the next sunrise, or until he behaves in a cowardly way.

Inan Who-came-from-south-of-Kezan's-White-Tooth
Class Skills
Focus Item
Each Arcane Shapeshifter has an object that is their focus for shapeshifting. This is not required to be a magical item, or even a particularly valuable item. If the Arcane Shapeshifter is denied access to their focus item, they are unable to activate their powers. Arcane Shapeshifters will ensure that their power items are kept secret, or are very secure on their person.

Alternate Forms
The Arcane Shapeshifter is not some purveyor of common carnival tricks, he doesn't assume the shape of animals or people. Such things are the tricks of illusionists and druids. Rather, the Arcane Shapeshifter draws forth alternate forms from the aether, assuming elemental, infernal, celestial, and hybridizations of these forms.

Alt Form Duration
Alt forms have a limited duration, the more powerful the Arcane Shapeshifter is, the longer he can maintain an alternate form. Level 1 alt forms have 1D4+1 rounds of action before they dissipate. Level 2 moves up to 2D4 + 1 rounds, and so on.

Alt form levels and such
Alt forms are based off of a mage's spell allowance. An Arcane Shapeshifter cannot have more alternate forms than a magic user would have spells. Each alternate form has a preset base level, and can only be 'cast' at that minimum level. But a weaker form can be cast at a higher level, with the extra spell levels being expended to power up the form. Thus, the above Infernal Soldier is a level 1, but if cast as a level 3, can add two improvements, such as boosting an attribute bonus (1D4 increased to 1D6+1 for example) gaining a special power (fire punch, D6+ STR bonus, add fire type to damage) or extending the duration of the alt form, 1D4 increased to 3D4 + 3 rounds.

Alternate Forms
Erhnam Djinn (magic the gathering)
Appearance - a muscular green brute with black hair, black claws and black teeth. It's skin is marked with ornate and intricate tattoos and markings which make it obvious to the informed that this is a Djinn Fighter, not an actual djinn.

Stat changes:
STR +4
DEX +2
CON +4 (does not effect system shock check, does effect shifted Hit points)
WIS -2
CHA - effectively 0/monstrous

HP - 2D10+Con bonus (+12)

Duration: 1d4+1 turns(1D4+2 counting the full turn action required to shift into form)(2D4+1 turns with enhancement)

Enhancement to Primary Alt Form
Duration, +1d4 turns

Limitations: Can only assume the Djinn form 2/day, and must rest at least one scene/hour between transformations

This sounds amazingly awesome.

Shadoweagle: spellwriter
Dozus: trade minister
Chaosmark: hunter-occultist
Scrasamax: shape-shifting devil-slayer

We begin in the grand, illuminated and highly civilized city of Abodroc, where the caliphate of the Ban-Ral-Sab rules with a silken fist over a population of mixed nationalities and races. A center of wealth, trade, and learning.

Okey dokey. So, updated the Spellwriters a bit:,3756.0.html

And i'll post out my character here, too; what I have of him.

Name: Nisher Stryne

Level: 2

Wis 17
Dex 17
Int 13
Per 16
Con 13
Str 9
Cha 9

HP 5 (at 1d3)


Standing barely five foot tall with flat, grotty brown hair and beady black eyes, Nisher 'Nish' Stryne is not the kind of person one pays a lot of attention to. The faint lines on his face suggest an age of mid-thirties, and  the man seems hunched over himself, always ill-at-ease and fidgetting. His eyes dart constantly across the room, never focussing on one thing too often. The more observant people may notice some disfiguring scars on the back of Nisher's neck, mostly obscured by his shoulder length hair. If he were ever to remove his shirt, they would also notice a plethora of silvered scar-marks along his back - a sign of long-since healed lacerations.

A meager set of chocolate brown and black linen clothing with a high collar shroud the man's skinny frame, and though his clothes don't look cheap, they do seem well worn - as though they were his only set. Nisher wears sturdy boots and a coiled rope belt which seems the highest quality piece of his attire. Hanging off the belt on his right side, are three tabs of what appears to be scroll vellum - high quality hide paper covered with identical, yet cryptic scrawlings. They are fastened onto the belt tightly, as though his life depended on them. In addition, Nisher is never seen without his book. This book is exquisite in every detail - it's leather hard-cover is indented meticulously with intricate arcane carvings and it's pages within all crisp and clean. If Nisher Stryne is not actively holding and leafing through this book, it is on a very secure sling beneath his clothing - next to his skin.


We all take after our parents, and Barrot Stryne was a horrible man. Nisher Stryne's father was a wife beater, thief and all around scoundrel. Growing up in a poor household of a rural town known as Havolt, Nisher was subject to a verbally abusive father, a submissive mother and constant jeers of children his own age about his small stature and unwashed appearance. For the first nine years of his life he spent as much time as he could wandering the streets of his home; fearful to go home to his chaotic parents. He learned to be opportunistic; often stealing himself a meal of bread or apples, and his greatest solace was walking the muddy fair-street of Havolt, watching the travelling performers and magicians who frequented the town with wide-eyed amazement. These years were very much a blur to Nisher - he learned much about survival, outwitting obese shopkeepers, and the cruelty of other humans; bruises, cuts and even the odd scar were testament to that. The day Nisher lost faith in humanity was one drizzling night when he was nine, the child walked into his parents house to witness his drunken father midway through murdering his wife.

"WHY'D YOU SCREW HIM, YOU &^%$@!?" Barrot Styne yelled drunkenly as he held his semi-conscious wife's head under the surface of a tub full of water in the kitchen of their delapidated house. Nisher stood in the doorway, too stunned to make any move, and Barrot didn't notice him. Pulling the woman's head out of the water by her long hair, he took another swig of rum out of the greasy bottle in his other hand. "I... Don't know what... I haven't touched any man!" Selen - Nisher's mother - slurred groggily, barely conscious as she hung mostly limp in her large husband's grasp. "LIAR! You've Humili...milliated me for the lasht time! And when that RUNT comes home, he'sh getting the same!" Barrot growled and thrust Selen's head over back into the tub, and this time held her there until she no longer moved. There was a strange, calm silence in the room for couple, long seconds until Nisher's mind snapped back into place and he let out an involuntary sob. At this sound, Barrot gasped and stood, swinging around. "YOU!" He roared, and stumbled clumsily at his boy. "Get here, you rat!" Nisher turned and ran to the front door. He made it, too, but not before suffering several violent swings of his fathers rum bottle, the first of which shattered on the back of his head, and the next couple which caused deep lacerated his back through his flimsy shirt. Nisher staved off unconsciousness as he fled as fast as his knobbly legs could move him down the street. Barrot did not give chase, and simply stood, laughing in the door of his home. "YOU'D BETTER NOT SHOW YOU FACE HERE AGAIN, BOY! IF YOU DO, I'LL SLIT YOUR THROAT!"

Nisher survived in the streets of Havolt in a delirium for the next several weeks; his head wound making him unable to function at his full capacity. Eventually - and luckily, considering the poor sanitation of Havolt's streets - his injuries healed over, and Nisher made the decision to steal a few weeks supply of food and leave his home town forever.

In an ideal world, Nisher would have grown up to become the avenger of his mother, going back to his home town in glorious fashion and releasing Havolt from the clutches of Barrot Stryne's overbearing violence. But the world is far from ideal. Nisher Stryne grew up to be nearly as cynical and rotten as his father ever was. His father lives to this day in his home in Havolt, with a new wife who recieves regular abuse.

Nisher spent the next several years on the move; travelling from town to town and thieving until things got too hot for him to stay, and he eventually found himself as a young adult entering the city of Kinrult. The wiry man decided that this time it would be different. He decided he would take steps to get out of petty theft and odd jobs to scrape by a living; so for the next few months he saved a small sum of money. He had heard tales about a Spellwriter's Enclave, where those with a depth of wisdom and talent may attempt to learn the mystical and secretive way of the Spellwriter. His application and acceptance to the Spellwriter's guild was surprisingly straight-forward and uneventful, and although the teachings cost him nearly a decade of his life, he finally left the Enclave with a purpose. To gain inspiration; to create spells belonging only to him - something which others could never take from him. To become greater than the filth of people he had spent his life around. 

Spellwriter's Spells, level 1:

** Signature spell: Shallow water
Inspired by the moment when Nisher witnessed his mother's death; drowned in a shallow tub by his own father in the midst of a drunken, paranoid delusion.
Level 1, Shallow Water: This spell fills a persons their mouth swiftly with water. If successful, This spell interrupts speech and verbal spellcasting, and forces the affected person to either spit out or swallow the water. In addition, there is a small chance of the target inhaling some water, choking on it and causing them to lower their guard and fumble attacks for one round.
[Verbal Spell/speech interrupt. +2 to hit for one round.]
Level 2, [Hold your Breath]: Upon reaching level 2, the water expelled or swallowed by this spell will be re-filled inside the victims mouth. This level increases the likelyhood of the victim choking and extends how long they are unable to speak.
[Increases Shallow Water's effects by 1 round. An additional +2 to hit (up to +4)]

* Magic Rope
One of Nisher's few happy childhood memories was witnessing a street magician pull a rope out of his bag and throw it up in the air. To Nisher's delight, the rope stayed, suspended in the air, and the magician subsequently climbed it. Nisher never knew this was a simple trick, and thought it genuine magic. As such, it was an inspiration for creating a spell of his own, much like it. Using this spell, Nisher may throw any rope not longer than 18 feet in the air and have it magically levitate for four minutes. It may hold the weight of one heavy person, or two small framed people.
[Can levitate a rope straight up in midair for 4 rounds. Able to hold the weight of two small adult males.]

* Balls of Fire
Another gift from the travelling magicians of Havolt; One of the big crowd gatherers was when they would juggle three or more flaming balls in their hands. Nisher used to watch this for as long as he could, in a daze as the balls danced back and forth. As such, Nisher created his own version of this; summoning three small balls of fire, each about as large as a juggling ball, which whirl around his free wrist. Once summoned, Nisher is able to thrust his hand out, throwing some or all of these balls at his foes.
[Summons 3 balls which circle the caster's wrist. Can be thrown all at once or seperately. Each ball deals 1d3 damage. Balls last 3 rounds or until they are thrown.]

* Sight unseen
 Due to his years of thievery and conniving, it was inevitable that Nisher would be inspired to create a spell like this. Using this spell on himself will cause Nisher to fade into the background in the mind of others around him, making them less likely to notice he is even there.
[Reduces the chance that Nisher will be spotted or noticed when cast.]

* Shadow lock
 Nisher has spent his life in the shadows. Over the years, he truly believes he is in tune with darkness. Using this spell, Nisher is able to manipulate the shadow of other people. This spell is an illusion in theory, but physically effects a victim; it locks a target's shadow in it's place on the ground. When a shadow is locked, the person who owns the shadow will be stuck to it and must make either a strength (to tear themselves away) or wisdom roll (to realize that it is an illusion) to break themselves away from their shadow, otherwise they will be stuck in the one place. The darker the environment is, the easier this spell is to break, as a clearly defined shadow will hold someone in place more firmly than a faint one.
[Locks a person in place for 2 rounds. Can be resisted or broken early with a successful strength or wisdom roll. The victim can still perform actions, but cannot move/raise their legs.]

Spellwriter Spells, Level 2:
 Throughout the years, Nisher has come to think of the shadows as more than just a useful tool. He has felt that shadows are a weapon, and used in the right hands can disable your foe with ease. Nisher has created a spell which personifies this; any hostile victim standing within shadows when this spell is cast will instantly feel the a searing pain wracking through their bodies. While this is limited by the amount of shadows around, in daytime Nisher has found that sometimes he can jump in front of the enemy and use his own shadow to make this spell effective. Of course, this does mean getting close!
[Any enemy within 30 feet of the caster who is standing in a shadow will suffer 1d4 mind(?) damage per level, up to 6d4. Targets standing in direct light will not be harmed.]

* Knock
A blatant copy of the already widely-known spell, 'Knock'. It was a necessity for Nisher to add this to his book as soon as he learned the intricacies of it.
[Works as per the knock spell]


Spellwriter's Tome.
A dozen Sacrificial Vellum tabs.
A spool of rope, 12 foot long and frayed at the edges.
Two Iron spikes.
General dried food rations to last a few days and a water flask.
One half-bag of flour.
One plain, rusty dagger.
A meager allowance of coins.
Several strips of silken cloth.
A large hoop keyring with several bars of different shapes and sizes, used for lockpicking.
Coinage - 35gp
General adventuring supplies
Travelling inkwell and quillset, attached to his belt for easy access.

*rubs hands*  Good stuff SE!

Lets have the others, we're almost ready to roll!

--- Quote ---Making his way south across the great mountain range, Nish has recently ended up in Abodroc, where he has found a small satellite Spellwriter's Enclave renting a modest chapter-house along the Street of Warm Shadows. Strangely he finds the chapter-house EMPTY of spellwriters, or anyone else for that matter, except one sweeping servant, who informs Nish that not a single spell-writer has been seen here more than a month. The private rooms are empty of any valuables or "clues". The servant further says that the building has been recently put up for lease/rent by the magistrate again, after a month went by without payments. Attempts to contact or find any of the dozen spellwriters who lived here, proved fruitless.
--- End quote ---


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