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The Middling Minion


Though the Magnificent Maps Match is the major path to Cartography Guild advancement, their is another, secret way to travel through the guild hierarchy. It is called hard work. I know, right? Who would have thought that working hard would mean that you would travel upwards in this competitive guild?

Anyways, how to become a level two middling minion (the names of the levels is on the Magnificent Maps topic, and will soon be on the Recruit Quest page) through work:

What You Write:
1. Create one location sub
2. Discover 3 locations that lie within the previous location.
3. Create a sub detailing the history of one of those locations.
4. Discover one fauna or one flora, both never-before-seen (naturally), that exist in this location
5. Create one religion worshiped in this location
6. Discover one plot that may occur within the confines of the first location sub.

Things That Should Apply to Each Sub:
1. Freetext 'Cartography Guild.'
2. Voted a three or better.
3. Links to the original (first requirement) sub.

Upon completion, you will gain the title of Middling Minion, and three stat points to distribute as you will.

For too long the western seas have been unmapped. And so I, caesar193, shall map them, and in doing so, become a cartographer,middling minion. I hereby pledge myself to becoming a level two cartographer!

As I step out into the first light of this morning, ahead of me a new land; I am set to discover all it has for in store for me. They call it Estalon; from what I've been told it holds countless secrets; of which I intend to discover, catalogue, and map. And map them I shall! In doing so, I intend to become a cartographer, middling minion. I hereby pledge myself to becoming a level two cartographer! 


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