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I declare for this quest!

1. Write 3 inter-related submissions (one may be a stub), and link them together.  Preferred method of linking is to reference the other submissions directly within the text of each sub.
     Write 3 2 1 submissions that link to other submissions (not your own) on the site.

Helstone Treasures
The Stitchers Amulet

These submissions must:
* Each receive at least 3 votes
* Maintain a score of 3.25 or higher
* Have the "Weavers Guild" freetext added to them

2. Leave at least 5 ideas on other authors' submissions.

3. Suggest 5 relevant submissions on other authors' subs.
suggested added to
suggested The sea of snot added to
suggested added to
suggested The_Blades_of_the_Golden_Sun on Class of Items-Weapons
Suggested 30 legendary antidotes/cures on Marilanth_Flower


Mathons clutches have been strong.


--- Quote from: valadaar on January 03, 2013, 03:03:24 PM ---Mathons clutches have been strong.

--- End quote ---

Pray to Othamm for guidance, and He shall send deliverance.

*pokes at this thread*  Hmmmm . . .


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