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Necromantic Cult - Elder Quest (4)


*OFFICIAL* Necromancer's Cult - Elder Quest
This quest is for the requirement for next Level to become a prestigious Elder in the Necromantcer's Cult.

The path to advance and become an Elder is arduous at best. Few that strive for this without the approval of their superiors often fail before beginning this task. If completed however, they stand above most others and absent of critique of any failures. They are now in a station of power that few surpass and even fewer achieve. Begin at your own risk, for failure means becoming that which you create. A mindless minion of someone who would stand on you to gain favor.

Elder Requirements.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor and Rise Again!

* Create a new type of undead (submission)
* Create a new location (submission)
* Create a plot that ties together the new type of undead and the new location (submission)
* All three submissions must maintain a 3.5 or better with 3 votes, or 3.0 with 4 votes.This next level can NOT use the previous Freetext linking to reduce the submissions to create. All three must be created to further your task and advancement.

Reward: Gain 4 stat points, you attain the Title of Elder and gain a level.


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