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Necromantic Cult - Archon Quest (3)


*OFFICIAL* Necromancer's Cult - The Archon Quest
This quest is for the requirement for next Level to become an honored Archon in the Necromantcer's Cult.

The armies must march forth and water the soil with the blood of innocents! Prepare your host of minions and let cry the voice of the dead! A true Necromancer does not fall on the laurels of others that have come before him, instead breaking the bonds and creating their own armies and writing their name in the history of all that is vile with their own deeds.

Archon Requirements.

For the Swarm!

* Create 3 new types of undead. (3 submissions)
* Create a plot that combines at least two of the new undead submissions.
* Upvote ten (10) comments on current Necromancer Cult Quest subs on other submissions other than your own.
* Comment on no fewer than 3 comments each on at least two Necromantic Cult members submissions pertaining to the Necromantic Cult. (In other words, comment on at least two other cultists necromantic submissions, other than your own, with at least 3 comments each.
* All four submissions must maintain a 3.5 or better with 3 votes, or 3.0 with 4 votes.This next level can NOT use the previous Freetext linking to reduce the submissions to create. All four must be created to further your task and advancement.

Reward: Gain 4 stat points, you attain the Title of Archon and gain a level.[/list]


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