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It has come to my attention that we have some very twisted minds roaming the Citadel. In order to help them, and assist those that have been subjected to this dark window of their souls, I have hired a professional counselor to sit with us.

Strolenati Support Group
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6:30 PM
Camp Crystal Lake Main Lodge
Moderated by Dr. Philip Zimbardo

Discuss your darkest fears with the group of people that create them. Being alone in the dark is difficult enough, come join the nightmares. Come out of your isolation and into the madness.

Relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises. Individual summoning instructions. Problem solving and management skills. Zombie avoidance and destruction (fallacies of body shots). Guided instruction on talking with a demon. Focus on protection circles and their exploitation. Surviving a possession and much, much more.

Refreshments and Coffee available. Please put a dollar in the can.

well, they say the first step is admitting there is a problem.

So here it is... *Inhale* You all have a problem!

You made me giggle. I wish I could give you karma or something but this place has enough stats to keep track of already.

I wonder if I can convince Franz to start up a local chapter. I may not have had as many issues getting rid of the Ch'amway.


How much money does this Support Group hand out to folks in need...?

Please elucidate.



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