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With the clatter of bones we march...


Freshly appointed an Acolyte, I hunger, yearn for more power. The call of the Deathpriest bloodens my vision and drives my resolve. I shall become greater...

Create 3 types of items suitable for arming of the undead. Can be unique or mass produced. (3 submissions)
 1 Remains (Freetext added to 3 previous subs to exhaust one submission)
 Rasp's Draught
Lifegiver; Holy sword of Linn
Create a new type of undead that can use one or more of the items you create.
Putting the "Necromantic Cult" freetext to three undead/necromantic subs previously authored will count as a single sub for this quest.
Bandage Beasts
Church's Devil
The Mogrolyth

All four submissions must maintain a 3.5 or better with 3 votes, or 3.0 with 4 votes.


Finally, after many days of delay, I have produced Lifegiver; Holy sword of Linn, and now merely await it's reception to see whether it is worthy of promoting me to the title of Deathpriest!

And Lifegiver; Holy sword of Linn has scraped in the 3.5/3 votes requirement (just barely!) to allow me to claw myself up to the accolade of Deathpriest!


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