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Where the hell am I?

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Good news and bad news.

Good news. I have lots more ideas than I started.

Bad news. I have to resolve and organize them all before I can submit anything.

Moved out of focuswriter to Scrivener to try and meld it all together. I found myself popping around too much in the document and it started to piss me off. Scrivener allows me to have a coding style setup to writing...which I suppose I am more used to. Now I can break it all down and bounce around and work as I chase shiny ideas. I also want to be methodical about it so I can maximize my guildmanship. Will finish up this guild and start on another to submit the rest.

I think I am enjoying this too much. Been a long time since I have actually sat down and wrote so much. I am having fun with it.

Yeah yeah, go for it Strolen! Good to see Vartanadel getting a work out!

You know, once you're done here, you could always consider letting your darker nature get the better of you; the brotherhood will welcome new members...!


The Shan has turned into the pivotal part of Vartanadel so they will be after the Cartography Guild success!


I am finding this a little dry but I have so many notes that don't fit in certain pieces that I need to get the background down before I start with the magic and plots I have brewing, which are really what all this is moving towards.

Final location!!

This one has been sitting in my notepad forever. Finally pushed it out.


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