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Where the hell am I?

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A Traveler’s Guide to Vartanadel ( 6 / 4.42 )
Vartanadel ( 4 / 4.25 )
The Crossroads ( 7 / 4 )
The Dragon Mines ( 7 / 3.43 )

Vartanadel Royalty and Nobles ( 5 / 4.1 )

The Dragon Mines failed but Vartanadel was a backup. :)

3 locations with 3.5 or higher - done
1 society with 3.5 or higher - done
Vote on 3 locations - way done

Oh great caesar193, master of the Cartography Guild. Do I meet you requirements and claim the title of Cartography minor minion?

(caesar193 dons his ceremonial robes)

"Oh Strolen, Finder of Vartanadel and Lord of the Citadel, the Cartography Guild finds ye worthy of entrance. Henceforth, the Guild bestows upon you the ceremonial golden quill and inkpot. May your ink flow freely as you plot heights of the mountains and the depths of the caves. Follow Guild protocol, Minor Minion Strolen, and may your path in the Cartography Guild be blessed."

The crowds erupt in applause as Strolen takes his bow, and walks out the golden doors of the Guild Initiation Hall.


Don't forget to follow Guild protocol! Hint Hint you're not following a rule hint hint.

Maybe I should wait until a pledger does everything a pledger needs to do (like, say check The Brothers of the Map thread) before conducting the ceremony and hand over the quill and inkpot...


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