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Where the hell am I?

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That's it, I am joining this guild and figuring it out.

Get outta the way, here I come!!

Recommitting now. Going to knock a few out this week even if it kills me!!

Got the easy part done. Voted and commented on over 3 subs the last few days.

3 locations and 1 society are next on the list. Have two in work so the train has left the station!

Not sure if I cheated or not with a base write-up and follow-up of Vartanadel.

I figure I will do the Mines and the Shan as another location and society. I have a bit on the nobles too. It talks a lot about the capital as well as the nobles themselves. Will have to decide if that is a society or location after I am done.

I might actually finally be able to enter this guild!!

In my ongoing worship of Mathom I simply review where I am still am.

I did the voting, no problem.
Three Locations:
Vartanadel subs as shown above. Going to count them both as one.
City Image - Tanand (70% done)
Vartanadel Mines - (30%)

One Society
The Shan (80%)

I stalled because I had a moment of inspiration about all of it. You know how it is good to have a "secret" with each submission to have that unknown driving force that gives a solid kick. I figured it out for Vartanandel and I think it nicely explains why everything is the way it is, more or less. So trying to blend that idea into all the subs I have rolling. Tomorrow is my personal suspense for it! I will be a Cartographer Guild Member by midnight (GMT) tomorrow!!


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