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Only death brings peace to the world

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My cadaverous creations have garnered sufficient approval from the Citadel, and I merely await the master, Acolyte Ysuron the Undying Grymn's approval to officially join the folds of the Necromancer's Cult as Acolyte Noxx, Herald of Eternal Silence.

That might have been the quickest guild completion ever. Have you even heard the name Mathom before?

Well done. Some great ones too!!

Only those who are truly ready and prepared to open their dark souls to the ways of the dead are forever bound by their chosen path. One does not become accepted into the cult's folds, but demands entry as their power befits their station. Your welcoming into darkest of cults was written in the blackened annuals eons ago and foretold with the mewling of babes on their sacrificial beds. Welcome brother...


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