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Only death brings peace to the world

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A good morrow to you, gentle harbingers of the silence eternal; I humbly petition myself to your twisted cabal. Should you find me worthy of partaking of your tasks, I feel that together the lifeless fists of our minions can Stanch the chaos of life. Nothing is so orderly as a world devoid of life.

Necromancer's Requirements.

Write 4 subs
    (addendum: Instead of writing four different and unique subs, you can write three subs and tie them together so they are inter-linked. This will count as extra effort and will also give an additional 1 point in stat increase when reaching level 1 Cult Member/ Acolyte.)
3 Interlinked Subs. 0 remaining.
Start 1 Necromantic/ Undead topic in the forums.
    - The Uncanny Valley and your minion (,6106.0.html)
Read, vote, and comment on, 5 Undead/Necromantic related submissions by others.
    - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Votes/Comments remain.
Must upvote no less than 10 comments on subs pertaining to undead, not of your own creation.
    - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1, 0 upvotes remain
Must add "Necromatic Cult" freetext on all subs
    - Complete

You are taking the undead world by storm!

Ahhh, a true necromancer rises upon the shadow of an eagle!

Welcome to the folds of the darkest of souls... our ranks swell with the call of death.

All requirements completed on my end - now I need merely wait until Lillets Needle and Scable each recieve one more vote to be officially welcomed into the fold. The hardest part was reading through all the undead posts and replies to give upvotes and the like; because I didn't want to just throw votes around for the sake of getting my quota - I wanted to actually upvote things which I thought were worth upvoting!
I can see how these guilds will really help people be more active and useful in the submissions section of the Citadel!

I definitely look forward to challenging myself with the tasks required to don the robes of the Deathpriest...

Once my trials here have been approved, I shall forsake my name and wear instead the following...

Acolyte Noxx, Herald of Eternal Silence – Level 1 Necromancer
STR: 1 | END: 2 | CON: 3 | DEX: 1 | CHA: 3 | INT: 5

Current guild quest: Necromancer's Cult Quest - Acolyte


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