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Once more unto the citadel

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Just thought i'd pop my head in here and say g'day again - It's been quite a while since I last had a good look at this place and it's grown massively since I last frequented it. Cudos to Strolen and all of those who had a part of making the Citadel what it is today. While I doubt I'll have the presence I used to have here, i'll try to become a casual visitor once more.
The other thing I see which is new is the guild section, and I definitely intend to attempt to become a recruit of the Necromantic Cult. In fact, I have an idea or two of some submissions which may gain me favour in that very area...

So! We all still here? Anyone else disappear like me? I remember Cap'n Penguin dropped off the face of the earth before I left.

Huzzah and jubilation

It will be awesome having you back wandering the Citadel once again!

Are you master chef at your own restaurant yet?

Give us a recipe for the barbie! :)  (not shrimp)

Welcome back, good sir! Your presence was greatly missed.  :up:

Welcome back SE! Looking forward to your necromancy! :)


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