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Hello everybody! So I was traversing through the vast thing that is the internet, in search for a RPG background generator (Roleplaying in Oblivion, not feeling creative enough to create my own character :P ) and I stumbled across this interesting website. Not sure how I stumbled on it actually... Anyways, I am not entirely sure what this is? From what I've gathered it is a roleplaying community, which interests me, but what are the details? Do you just have simple RPs on the forums, or do you play Roleplaying Games here aswell? Sorry for just stumbling in, but I really couldn't find many details... Of course I only looked for about two minutes :P

Anyways, could somebody please go over the details? I thoroughly enjoy RP of all sorts, in fact I am having a very... Interesting Call of Cthulu campaign with some friends, and have been looking for a good RP community for quite awhile actually.

Tight on time so this is quick.

Give this, and the links there, a quick look to see if that helps a little.

I am in a constant battle to try and make it better for interweb explorers who stumble upon this place but I have found that I am far from succeeding. It does seem that it is confusing to first time visitors and that is something I must spend some time on. Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult since I have been working on this a very long time. Much that I think is obvious really isn't....I am starting to see more and will correct in baby steps.

Thanks for joining and asking the question. Hopefully we will get you closer to diving into the community!!

Glad you found us, Trooper! Few know exactly how they find themselves in the Citadel. They awake, covered in ichor, with only a vague recollection of where they last were. But few sojourn back out, lured in by the Citadel's treasures.

Seriously, though, we're as much a storytelling as a roleplaying community. There are some forum games that crop up - some lasting many years, some newer or short lived, all fun. The real meat of our society is role-playing ideas, settings or drop-ins or concepts that you could place into your games. I think you'll find plenty that could compliment your chthonian settings.

Love to hear more about your Cthulu campaign, either in the forums or in the main site as subs. Welcome indeed, sir!

I'm real new here too.  As far as I can tell, this is a place to share and work on game ideas.   Whether it's items, plots, or NPCs, a town, environment, or entire game world.  I haven't delved too deeply into the forums yet, honestly.


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