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On it!

The last sub is finished! Thrall and Yola is an epic tale of love and death. If Shakespeare wrote RPG, Strolenati fictions, this is what he would have written. Now I just have to hope that it earns a 3.25 with 3+ votes.

Progress Report 1.1

So let's see. What I really have to do (besides the extra stuff you do after earning the level) is few now that the 3 subs are done. They do still need to get 3 votes and get 3.25+ on each (for any dwarf that wants another member into their drunken fold, here are the three: Hrothen's Gate, The Glenbeard Tunnels, and Thrall and Yola).

For the things is still need to do:
-Dwarf topic in forums
-vote+comment on 3 dwarf subs

Progress Report 1.2 will come out when I get that topic out. Or get far enough to scratch out another requirment.

Progress Report 1.2

Forum topic done! Another line to scratch off the top. It's called Dwarves and Military, and is highly awesome.

To finish lowering myself to the dwarven level, I still need:
-3 comment/votes on some dwarf subs
-3.25 with 3 votes on all dwarf subs

See the previous forum post for all the dwarf subs that still need votes if you are interested in helping out the caesar193.

I will hit those votes on the morrow, and until that is done, I will (don't hold me to this) see you all here with my next Progress Report.

Progress Report 1.3

Last post was more distant then I said it would be. But let us not dwell on such insignificant details, and admire caesar193's progress. I have commented and voted on the Seven Wonders of the Dwarven World, the Tungsten-Trousered Troubadors of Trilaxa, and the Dwarven War Chariot. Thus, I have made all my requirements! Except for that last one of three votes on each of the subs. But that is only a matter of time. Besides, the last sub that needs to be voted on is Thrall and Yola, which is a Freetext Friday sub, and thus has to be voted on by Dragonlordmax. So, I should be done fairly soon. Almost there! I can almost taste the victory ale!


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