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So here I am, craving a little guild action (and started writing a dwarven sub), so I go ahead and pick up my axe. Its time to make war on the foolish giants! For honor! For glory! For my dwarven pride! For joining a second guild!

So, what I have to do:
1. Write 3 2 1 subs (1 stub is allowed to count as 1 sub for this Quest. But only 1 stub allowed, 2 must be subs) on anything Dwarven related
2. Start 1 Dwarven-related topic in Forums for general discussion/discourse (hey, it may lead to another sub for you!)
3. Read, vote, and comment on, 3 Dwarven-related submissions by others (non-member subs allowed. If it don't smell Dwarven, let 'em have it! If it feels Dwarven, invite them to join our guild!)
4. Must assign yourself at least a "3" at first level in strength, endurance, and constitution, respectively (Int, etc is less important to us Dwarves)
5. Must have 3 or more votes on each of your Dwarven-related submissions
6. Must maintain a 3.25 or higher score count on ALL of your Dwarven submissions from this day forward.
7. Must add "Dwarven Guild" freetext on all subs

First sub down! Its called Hrothen's Gate, check out its dwarven awesomeness. Time to cross off the 'Write 3 subs' requirements.

Soldier on Beard-brother, for your time of Dwarven ascension is almost at hand!

As a dwarven brother, I will go check out this sub. Sorry I missed it earlier!

Second sub down! As is my norm, here 'tis: The Glenbeard Tunnels. Check 'er out, Strolenites! I hope to Othamm/Mathom/Dwarven Deities that I did not mangle the laws of magnetism too badly.


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