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NaNoWriMo 2012

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Day 1

Got my 1700 words in, but it was more challenging than I thought.  The first time I looked at the word count I was only 600 in.  I've definitely got to start earlier tonight.

Like my story premise so far, but the characters need work.

My first day was a big flop. I had a bunch of narrative rolling around in my head, my fingers were all set to go... and then I was hit from several directions by Mathom's agents. Social obligations, meetings, blah, blah, blah. By the end of it all I gave up and went to bed. I plan on being unavailable today. I think I need to find a hidey-hole where no one can find me. And maybe start leaving offerings to Othamm.

Day 7 and 292 words...

Not the most impressive beginning but it's more than I've written in months, so I'll take it. I doubt I'll make it anywhere near the 50,000 word mark but I'm still going to see how far I can get.

I kept going back to my 400-some-odd words and realized I had a strong distaste for what I was writing. It just wasn't very interesting to me, and wasn't going anywhere. I'd write a different story, but I keep drawing blanks.

I think I may redirect my writing efforts into some subs. I've been chewing on a setting idea (Siogal) for some time, and I've got 4700 words about it already written in the past few days. So I think I may declare November to be CiSuWriMo (Citadellian Submission Writing Month) and head in that direction.

CiSuWriMo sounds like a great idea. Like an annual quest where Strolenites attempt to hit a word and/or submission count within a month.


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