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Religion:  I love this idea of the old faith and that you have two souls, but only one lives after you.  I think it is fines to write up the religion is vague fashion. But how the metaphysics of the world going to work?  Are the Gods going to be real?   Will they exist even if nobody believes in them?  Do the gods have agendas? 


--- Quote ---"In the old town of Athy one Jeremey Lannigan
Battered away til he hadn't a pound
His father died and he made him a man again
Left him a farm and ten acre of ground
He threw a grand party for friends and relations
Who didn't forget when he'd come to the Wall
And if you'll be listen I'll make your eyes glisten
Of the rows and the runctions at Lannigan's Ball

"Six long months I spent in Sudhalin,
Six months doing nothing at all
Six long months I spent in Sudhalin
Learning to dance for Lannigan's Ball"

- The Ballad of Lannigan's Ball
--- End quote ---

Jeremey M'Lannigan, the patriarch of the prominent Lannigan Clan of Athy, is now a man respected by the whole County, a man of honor and wisdom. But it was not always so. In his youth, Jeremey Lannigan was a shiftless whelp, spending his time drinking, gambling, and generally disgracing the good Lannigan name. Although the eldest son of clan head Ardghal M'Lannigan and by rights his successor-in-name, Jeremey constantly butted heads with his father. Meanwhile Ultan, Jeremey's younger brother by five years, seemed the spitting image of Ardghal and poised to succeed him as clan chief, if not for the custom of primogeniture the clans preferred. The only exceptions were when a son was disowned by a father, which was rare, but Jeremey seemed determine to head in that direction.

Jeremey convinced Ultan to show him where their father kept the clan's holdings and what magics to access it. The elder Lannigan embezzled a sum of gold coins and promptly lost them to drink and dice. When Ardghal checked the ledgers against the stock and saw the missing amounts it was the obedient son Ultan, guilty at his complicity in the crime, who turned his brother in. Finding Jeremey in the Redbird tavern drunk on good whisky made the crime no easier. In a display of fury, Ardghal gave Jeremey and thrashing and publicly disowned his eldest, casting him out of home and clan.

Jeremey had few friends at this point, and nowhere to lay his head. The once-son of Ardghal, head of the great Lannigan clan, was forced to lay at the Wall, a foot-high hedge of stone outside of the market that purportedly was once the outer wall of Dun Mathyalin and now served as a last resort of the poor and crippled. There Jeremey once-Lannigan sat in misery, surviving only on beggary.

While none would take the disgraced Lannigan into their home - such an act might lose favor with the clan chief - there were plenty that were moved to pity at the sight of the filthy fallen prince. Lannigan cousins often brought him food or money, and plenty from the other clans in Athy or others who came to trade in town. Jeremey promised them repayment and swore lifelong thanks, while also pleading his benefactors to advocate for his reinstatement. Though some were sympathetic, there was little to be done, and Ardghal was adamant to have Ultan as his successor.

Two years passed, and Jeremey still lived only on the streets. Though he'd gained wisdom and friends aplenty, he still lacked any real credentials as a clan holder, something necessary in Siogalish traditions to be a person of standing. But he was able to bend the ear of Gwylim Siodratch, a distant cousin and man of good repute. Gwylim took Jeremey's shame as authentic, and eventually decided to bring it up to Ardghal. The old man was a cousin, after all, and could be reasoned with when his hotheadedness cooled.

When Gwylim went to Ardghal's home, however, he was met with grim news: the clan chief was on his death bed, his many years finally catching up with him. While the house was busy with attendants and caretakers scrambling to keep the old man alive long enough to get his affairs in order, Gwylim was able to intercept Ultan on his way into the bedroom. Gwylim explained Jeremey's grief and pleaded the younger Lannigan to convince his father to reinstate his brother before it was too late. Ultan, heart perhaps already moved by his father's soon passing, agreed. Ultan disappeared into the bedroom as Gwylim was escorted out of the home by busy servants.

He quickly brought news to Jeremey,

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