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These is a Hemingway quote I've seen on Facebook recently. Something along the lines that writing is easy, all you do is sit in front of a typewriter and bleed.

That is how I feel with the Cosmic Era. It isn't so much something that I am creating, so much as it is something that it coming out of me. I write, and I write, and there is more there. And when I am done writing for a while I do feel a little drained, like I've given blood. I have that little bit of tired, that emotional plateau.

Its weird

I know

That is why he drank!

Bleed all over us Scras.


--- Quote from: Strolen on August 11, 2013, 09:09:43 AM ---That is why he drank!

Bleed all over us Scras.

--- End quote ---

Send more bourbon

It wold have to be made way more grimdark and bloody to fit in, but the first few seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers wouldn't be out of place in the Cosmic Era.

The monster of the week, or the Magnagogs from the previous write up I did of Power Rangers would be domesticated larvae of the Outer Gods, teratomorphs cultivated by Rita, an Imbrian who survived the destruction of the solar system because she was locked away in a hypersleep prison cell.

Rita Repulsa would be, as i said, an Imbrian criminal who was placed in a prison and left to sleep for 10,000 years until some hapless *******s open the lid and wake her up. She is a parapsychic of cultivated skill, who is educated and versed in arcanotech matters that humanity hasn't seen in 10 millennia. Building organisms and then matter shifting them to great size, beam weapons, a lair on the moon, near perfect immortality. She is the Zod of the Imbrians, and the rest of her crew are similar.

Goldar is a warrior caste Imbrian, grown and bred to serve and fight for his master. He appears like a normal Imbrian until he activates his armor, calling it forward from the Nebiru Array, where it wraps around him, granting him immense power and protection. The gold sword he carries is a probability blade and can cut through anything. Anything it can't cut through it will transmogrify into something it can. The Gold Filigree Armor has wings, he can fly, and being an actual Imbrian war-born, he could go toe to toe with a platoon of power armor troopers and win, and even overcome mecha in one on one combat.

Finster is an aged biogeneticist and artist who once made a living sculpting organics for wealthy imbrians, now he makes monsters for Repulsa. He enjoys playing with the tainted cosmozoan matter that the outer gods are made of, and he is good at making truly horrific monsters from it. His eventual goal is to observe the transformation of a teratomorph into an erelim, and see the formation of the Dirac solenoid that makes them divine.

Baboo and Squat are gene-shaped minions, the sort of house servants or slaves that a decadent Imbrian of dark persuasion would keep. Baboo would be something of a personal valet, while Squat is the house dog, eating things off of the floor and making loud noises at things that aren't supposed to be there.

Scorpina is a clone of Rita Repulsa, quickly grown after she escaped captivity. This has pleased Goldar, as he has an incestuous love for his master, Repulsa. Having youth and hostility on her side, she is young, strong, and dangerous.

Lokar is a sentient computer from the Imbrian period that has been recovered and restored to operation, an evil counterpart to Zordon.

Lord Zedd is a Desolate One, an Imbrian who allowed a larval spirit to fuse with his soul, turning him into a horrific looking monster. He was one of the conspirators who worked to slaughter the Dynasts, and was fine will killing millions of Imbrians in the process and shattering planets, so long as he won. He will depose Repulsa for a while, until she brings him under her power via parapsychic emotion manipulation.



The Atlantic Federation is the leader in this freetext, with their 13 battlestars combining the durability of a battleship, with the combat payload of a mecha based aircraft carrier. Add in spaceflight capability and energy weapons that are measured in kiloton yields and they win. They Win big.

The Pacific Rim Coalition, and Eurasian Alliance don't have any true battleships, but they have a number of cruisers. The PRC lacks a central cohensiveness, and this echoes through their military. Nippon dreams of building their own battlestar, the Yamato, but it would likely be a one of a kind, or one of two operation given the enormous cost of such ventures. The Alliance has focused more on submarines and surface ships, and has largely conceded the space race to the Federation.

The EUdAS, SAUR, and other smaller blocs only have a handful of ships, most of which are either inferior to first world fleets, or are ships from those fleets that have been retired and sold to them. The EUdAS fields predominantly Alliance second line ships, and are struggling with a space answer to the Federation but are failing. The SAUR are in the same field, but being less hostile to the Fed, they have a few of those ships, a few others, in service. It is a real hodgepodge mess.

Amerikka Command has one battleship, the USS General George Washington, an antique precursor to the modern battlestar. It has conventional weapons and a modest mech drop capability.

The Seibertronians have a number of military aspected 'Arche' class ships, typically called barges. The Arche warships are functionally identical to the industrial and exploration versions of the ship, but exchange cargo space for power amps, hull mounted beam weapons, and can sortie seibertronians and drone weapons


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