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These is a Hemingway quote I've seen on Facebook recently. Something along the lines that writing is easy, all you do is sit in front of a typewriter and bleed.

That is how I feel with the Cosmic Era. It isn't so much something that I am creating, so much as it is something that it coming out of me. I write, and I write, and there is more there. And when I am done writing for a while I do feel a little drained, like I've given blood. I have that little bit of tired, that emotional plateau.

Its weird

I know

That is why he drank!

Bleed all over us Scras.


--- Quote from: Strolen on August 11, 2013, 09:09:43 AM ---That is why he drank!

Bleed all over us Scras.

--- End quote ---

Send more bourbon


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