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Between parapsychics, arcanotech, and genetic augmentation, some of the low and middle level comic book characters can be created in the Cosmic Era.

Iron Man - almost passe now, since armor suits are mainstream military hardware. Stark would sit at the head of a MegaCorp and his personal armor suit would be geeked out with the most advanced tech the corp could wedge into it.

Batman - also almost passe, an encounter suit and a belt of gadgets, and a few enhancements (augmented strength, agility, reflexes, combat training programs loaded into a chip jack and Batman, hell, Batman Corps are possible.


But there are some comic characters I would like to do some work with, maybe collab on, or inspire others to do it.

Captain America
The Hulk
Black Widow
Hawk Eye/Green Arrow/Captain Archer Man with a Bow and Arrow
Nick Fury
Wonder Woman
assorted characters from X-Men
assorted characters from TMNT

I need slaves to farm out some of the more tedious writing

To Do:

Foot Clan
Mix of Nipponism and cybernetics. Shredder is a low level robotics factory owner, and his Foot Soldiers are predominantly low end unarmed fighting robots, SakiTech could be a local supplier of work bots and bot replacement parts. Nipponism is used to recruit humans into the organization, where they are exposed to stolen genetic modifications, cyberware implants, etc. Shredder has a middle to high end custom light battle suit/unsealed. Based out of New Nuyork Arcoplex.

Couple of Mechs:

Hunchback upgraded to a badass Vulcan cannon carrying monster.

Enforcer used as European main mech, laser and heavy gatling gun

Centurion used as African theatre main mech, big bore gun boom boom

Generic Template Main mech, avg speed, 50-55 tons, good armor, AC/10 or PPC, or 2 Large lasers (Centurion, Enfield, Enforcer, Bushwacker, Griffin, etc)

Generic Template Light mech, good speed 20-25 tons, light armor, light weaponry (Wasp, Stinger, Thorn, Mercury, etc)

Valkyrie joint effort mech for Scandinavia and Federation, multiple variants

Mech systems breakdown

Avengers Stuff:

Captain America - injectable supersoldier
Hulk - irradiated brute supersoldier (scaled down compared to comics Hulk, maybe 3X strength, durability.Can smash power armor, but not throwing tanks
Ironman - power armor elite commando
Hawkeye - gun adept modified to using archery, plus SmartGun system altered for bow
Black Widow - Elite ops, high training and subtle biomods

Tesseract - arcanotech (not adding it to the Cosmic Era, but it is a fantastic example of arcanotech)

Comic Books Stuff

Lobo, Deadpool, Punisher, other ultraviolent borderline incoherent stuff. The Cosmic Era needs its over the top distraction.

Some days I feel like no one is reading this stuff but me.

But the idea last night was the use of astromechs, like R2D2, in battlemechs. I shot my buddy, an avid Star Wars guy a text about it and he didn't like the idea. I thought about it, and really, the only thing the astromech did was provide something for the pilot to talk to in the movies, and to do random minor things. (especially if you count out R2 from the second trilogy)

I was seeing the rollerbots being used as plug and play special equipment, like a communications dummy, a standard back up pilot/gunner dummy or in the area of black ops, a secure data system, ie the mission specs have been programmed into the bots that are being plugged into your mechs as we speak.

There are corporations
There are the MegaCorporations
And then there are the CorporateNations.

Some megacorps become so large and powerful they are able to establish national sovereignty for themselves through economic means. The majority of megacorps are multinationals that are based out of small nations far tax purposes and have no sovereign status. Some corps are able to basically buy a big enough piece of land that they make themselves into nations, typically industrial nations. These sovereign states typically exist inside another nation or state, much like the native american nations that exist within the US. They have their own borders, passports and are recognized internationally but use US currency and other standards. Union Aerospace in the Atlantic Federation is a CorpNation, as it basically purchase/plundered most of New Jersey and owns the infrastructure and most of the controlling interests of the local economy. Residents can be citizens of the Atlantic Federation (requiring military service, or other federal level service) or citizens of UAC (requiring only working for UAC or one of its subsidiaries).

Corporate Sponsorship for paramilitary organizations

Rebels and terrorists who fight against the enemy of a megacorp can in some cases be supported or compensated by said megacorp. This is much more common in the Pacific region. Nippon's Red Sun Bank regularly supports mainland asia rebels who fight against the Chinese and pro ACPS megacorps. The Aegis Group routinely provides funding to Amerikka Command, as the constant warfare in the middle of North America is profitable to the ChicagoLand based commodities and tech corp.

Slave Wages

Some industrial megacorps and industrial arcologies use a limited form of human slavery to keep the cost of labor down. Wage Slaves don't earn a paycheck, but rather work to support their monthly room and board provided by the corp.

There needs to be something else, since the Tycho Conventions on Human Labor require that humans be provided jobs if they want them over robots and androids.

Corporate Navies

Cargo shipping companies, and cruise lines, and other ship operating companies often fund their own wet navies to protect their ships at sea. These fleets and national/federal fleets work sometimes together, sometimes against each other. Images and thoughts: The Disney Atlantic Fleet and Pacific Fleets, Princess Cruise Lines submarine fleet protects cruise liners without mucking up the oceanic scenery, and Maersk container ships are escorted by Maersk merchant marine destroyers and light aircraft carriers

I am starting to get a different vibe out of the interaction of corporations and states. It is making me think of the balance of power between the European monarchs and the nobility. Strong Nations are going to have weak megacorps and weak nations are going to have strong megacorps. There will be a constant power struggle between the two factions, as the Government will want/expect to have the final say but the corps will likewise expect the same.

Corps can field para and regular military forces, which can assist federal forces as the case requires. These forces are 'allies' and are not paid like mercenaries, and aren't on the gov't payroll at all. But too much reliance on 'vassal corps' weakens the military of the Gov't and gives the corps the ability to control legislation through the withholding of military support or even aid as the case may be. If Superstorm Sandy had occurred in the Cosmic Era, UAC with it's corp ownership of New Jersey would have had repair crews working the day the storm cleared out and the BOD would have it funded very quickly. The Commonwealth of New England/Atlantic Commonwealth would have struggled with the disaster like every government does, and there would have been politics and infighting over funding, like there was and it would be a slow and arduous process of repair and restoration, like it has been.

UAC could have provided disaster relief to the afflicted areas, in exchange for future concessions from the Commonwealth, or it could have done it anyway just to make itself look really good. Billboard, this community rebuilt courtesy of UAC, carry on citizens!

This would make the Commonwealth gov't look like a bunch of weak pansies who couldn't get their crap in order


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