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What it is to be a Dwarf

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An interesting suggestion, I guess from the folklore stand point elves, gnomes, goblins, kobolds and dwarves could be interchangeable. 

Cheka Man:
Tell it like it is. :)

You know, statistically speaking, 6 out of 7 dwarves aren't happy. ;)

Would these dwarves be living above ground then? The whole red meat thing, if it's below ground, I always figured they would eat insects, bats and rats, maybe the odd subterranean worm or the likes. Makes em a bit more exotic at least. Not to mention there isn't a whole lot of grass below ground...

I've always hated the fact that there seem to be so little separating the various fantasy races, other than appearances and a gimmick or two. But that's the thing, you can't move too far away from what makes a bipedal intelligent humanoid, then you end up with something that's unplayable. Take a look at 4E, there isn't a single playable creature larger than Medium sized, heck, in 4E, even the dwarves count as Medium.

That is an interesting point. And eating bugs and rats makes waaaaay too much sense. Maybe potatoes and mushrooms? But that is a super valid point. What an opportunity missed with all the fantasy meals described through the ages!


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