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Leave me alone, I'm working

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Couldn't handle the call of the undead eh??? To bad your dwarves are beardless, I had a present for them.

Don't worry, I've not forgotten the call of the grave


Stout Lagerale
STR: 4 | END: 4 | CON: 4 | DEX: 2 | CHA: 2 | INT: 4

I believe with my third vote on Stout Lagerale, I have completed the requirements to join the Dwarven Guild

Oooooh, you beat me by one vote!  :Thud: Oh well not like I didn't call it. Congrats!  :)  :razz:

Welcome to our hallowed (low-ceiling) halls, Stout Lagerale!!

May your beard reek of beer for all eternity!!!! :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf: :dwarf:


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