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Stroking my beard (which my wife hates with a purple passion) and feeling the spirit of bourbon move through me, I am compelled to resume my quest to attain great renown among my Dwarven brethren.

A personal experience: we recently traveled from Tennessee to Ohio for a horse show, and I was stuck by the flatness of that state, and the way the farms just ran into each other, field after field after field, and after a day or so I could not wait to get back to my home in the mountains. Yes, at 6 foot tall, I might actually be a dwarf in my heart. I love my mountains and am repelled by the plains, and the dull farms only punctuated by fences and the rare creek. Give me my mountains, shrouded in clouds, clad in forests, with towns hemmed into valleys, and rivers and streams tumbling down the rocks.

And yes, this winter I grew a beard, and yes, my wife royally hates it.

Flat is why I hate traveling through the Central Valley. At least give me some d**n hills.


Where'd this thread end up?

Inquiring minds...


Took a semi-hiatus from writing fantasy to write my cyberpunk novel


I love reading cyberpunk novels!



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