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I have a fascination with all of the variety of weapons that are found around the world. This has been helped out in no small part by gaming. Perusing the weapon lists, studying the related artwork, and looking up descriptions usually came first when digging into a new game or sourcebook. (Over time, however, I've grown annoyed with the inevitable biases most systems have toward/against favored/disliked weapons.)

In that vein, I think it could be interesting to have a thread (assuming there isn't one already; I couldn't find one) where Citadelians post links to interesting weapons from life and from fiction.

Starting off, here are 4 specimens from the Philippines:

And my favorite bladed weapon is the kukri:

I owned a kindjal once upon a time, but it disappeared during a move. I never quite understood how such a short-bladed weapon could be used effectively from horseback:

Lot of cool stuff here:




--- Quote from: valadaar on October 18, 2012, 07:11:22 PM ---Lot of cool stuff here:


--- End quote ---

I love how they took real-world weapons and gave them all a similar style.

The descriptions are an added bonus:

--- Quote ---It even has a hammer point along the spine for working through a tough chunk of wood or the sinews of a unicorn.
--- End quote ---

How about this thing? "Charlene" we call her. Plus the guy is funny. Good against zombies too.


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