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The Most Horrible Thing EVER on the Citadel


I have no idea where this should go, whether it has all ready been made, or anything else. So I'm just going to throw it up here.

What I am about to write may make you just sit down and cry.
What I am about to write is simply horrible.
What I am about to write describes a state of being that simply cannot last.

We have a category/subcategory without any subs. Whatsoever. As in the words of the Barbarian Horde that I say when I came across this heading, "This emptiness disturbs me greatly." The category/subcategory? Systems/criminal. Well, criminal/espionage.

Strolenites! This is a call to arms! We must defeat this emptiness with pen and paper, or die trying. Or else this black hole of lack of creativity will eat away at our sanity, our way of life, our Strolen's Citadel. Our walls against the outside invaders of the foolish and unimaginative can only stand strong with this hole filled!

So come! Put pen to paper. Let the Systems/criminal subs flow out of your brain like water through a sieve. For this state of being cannot last, if any of us hope to survive.

If this is the only hole in our Citadel, then let us patch it up, fill it with raw creativity, and be done with it. But there may be more. Systems/criminal was the only one I found, but there way be a chance the unimaginative fools have tunneled a hole under the wall. We must search for these other holes, before they destroy us unexpectedly, like a snowball from behind.

STROLENITES! We must write for the Citadel! We must write for our loved ones! We must fight for our brothers*-in-arms! To WAR!!!

*or sisters. Lets not be sexist here.

I'm afraid that the problem is far worse than that, caesar:



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