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The Magnificent Maps Match

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I may have an idea or two on the back burner, but rules and restrictions would be nice they make the idea more challenging to bring to fruition, and there's often a bit more depth to it for the effort. Cool, another thing to think about is if you can do the match during a quest, say for lv. 2? Though, you may have alluded to this in your previous post.

Calling All Cartographers!

The first Magnificent Maps Match is henceforth declared and issued by myself, acting in my official capacity as guild leader of the Cartographers. As this is a contest and not a quest, I shall open this to any cartographer, whether they be in the middle of another guild quest or not.

The requirements for this first quest shall be in aid of the citadel. As there is a lack of subs in multiple location subcategory combinations, this first quest will require all submissions be in the following series of Categories:

* Locations-City-Cyberspace
* Location-City-Space‚Äč

Let the void be filled! May all cartographers come and see if you can win glory within this guild hall!

Good luck, and may victory go to the better cartographer!

All submissions due by Saturday, 9:00 PM EST. All submissions must bear the Cartography Guild freetext as well. All submissions must be announced here that they are meant for the guild.

Edotown, The City in a Briefcase. Is up for the Magnificent Maps Contest, this was a dangerous place to map, but map it I did. [Link]
I am assuming you meant today Saturday at 9:00 pm...

I actually meant next saturday. As in you have another week in which to edit and make sure your Edotown is the best it can be.

I submit my own map, Civitas Caeli, for the Match.

And as Guild Leader, I declare that any further maps will be too late. Voting on the best map will be started tomorrow, with all cartographers expected to participate.


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