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The Cartographers believe firmly in the idea of competition. And since they have engineered for themselves almost a complete monopoly on the map-making market, that competition turns to almost complete ruthlessness inside the inner-workings of the guild. To rise from the lowliest rank, that of the cartographer, minor minion, to cartographer, branch office head (level ten), used to require certain... less-than legal means. Magic and herbs (not the friendly sort of herbs, if you catch my drift) were used. And so, the moderator of the Cartography Guild decided to iron out the leveling u... I mean, the promotion process. It turned into a contest. But first, the ten ranks:
Note: the name of the rank is always put after the cartographer. For example: you wouldn't be median minon, you would be cartographer, median minion.

Level one--------------------minor minion
Level two--------------------middling minion
Level three------------------median minion
level four--------------------minion
level five--------------------archivist's assistant
level six---------------------archivist
level seven-----------------copier's assistant
level eight------------------copier
level nine-------------------manager
level ten--------------------branch office head

If you continue to gain levels once you have become level ten, you stay as a branch office head.

To focus the productive energy focused on mapmaking, the guild-leader issued the Magnificent Maps Match, a contest. Only cartographers could issue maps (nor can you if you're still trying to fulfill the requirements to join the guild) for the contest. The cartographers as a whole (including those with pledges) will vote for the top three in a poll. You cannot vote for yourself. The six highest level cartographers, and the moderator of the guild, will then vote on which of those three is first, second, and third. Like before, they cannot vote for themselves. First gets one sub drop off for a cartography guild quest and gets 2 stat points, while second gets 2 stat points and third one. To submit a map for the contest, post on this topic under the contest declaration with a link back to the sub. Only subs posted here will be considered in the consideration. All time limits will be put into each contest declaration's post.

Further explanation will be given as required. The first such Magnificent Maps Match will be given as soon as two people fulfill the requirements and become cartographers, so that it becomes a fair contest.

Can I submit my world map here?

Of course you can submit your world map here. But bear in mind that A: I haven't started a Match yet (I had kind of forgotten about this), B: to enter the Match when I start it (and we might have two Cartographers, so I might be able to start it) you'd need a location sub, and C: Your currently working through the requirements to be a cartographer, so you can't submit for this anyway.

So, there are a few members now anyone up for this?

Right now, we have four people as Cartographers, but with Dozus AWOL, for Match purposes that makes three. So, we theoretically could run a match, but right now I would prefer to wait for another person, so that way someone loses, to increase the spirit of competition. Also on the list for excuses for me to not run a Match right now is that I'm in the middle of another Guild Quest, which I really should finish.

So, Renlim, here is what I shall say: I will post a match in one week, and according to match rules that will give everyone another week to make an idea and finish it. This will also give me time to determine/remember the parameters and restrictions the match will have, such as whether it will be free-text friday oriented, or various combinations of category oriented, etc.


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