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Late Night and Day with Irina

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Mind sharin cap?


:x  Oh what the hell with the night I've had I could use a little pick-me-up (saying this Adel takes a big swig of the thick foamy beverage)  Wow thats not terrible actually it is quite tasty!!! Thanks Capn'  :D  By the way My name is Adel, elf with attitude~ Welcome too our group and have a some of this grog it is quite good! :lol:

Forive me, I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Ferahgo, more commonly known as Sniperspy. An elven warrior myself, I will gladly offer any assistance you may require!

Yeah just send us a PM or post it here and we will respond though you might miss a lot if you aren't here every day because our topics tend to change like, erm, I don't know at the moment but they change a lot.


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