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I am WAAAY too lazy and blessed by Mathom to pull this off but I had the idea so I am throwing it up into the winds.

Seems like there are a lot of submissions that can really help flesh out player characters. From the random generators to background descriptions on races, personality quirks and things of value.

Sort of came in a flash with val's latest 30 Dwarven Treasures.

Is there enough for a codex on "How to flesh out a Dwarf PC" and for others?... or maybe something more general?

Just idly thinking.

Yeah, add Dwarven Pets to this too!

I think a generator could work, but we would need to somehow isolate the various nuggets of information to make them individually extractable, if you get my meaning.

I.e. if each entry  - line of a 30, paragraph in pets, were created as a nameable entity, we could use them to build up a character.

The concept is not new, but what this site offers is a lot more detail on items that would be one-liners elsewhere. 

eg.  Central Casting - Heroes of Legend by Paul Jaquays

I have a hard-copy of this one, and have always thought about building my own...


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