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I hereby pledge myself to join the Weavers!

--- Quote ---1. Write 3 inter-related submissions (one may be a stub), and link them together.  Preferred method of linking is to reference the other submissions directly within the text of each sub.
     Write 3 submissions that link to other submissions (not your own) on the site.

These submissions must:
* Each receive at least 3 votes
* Maintain a score of 3.25 or higher
* Have the "Weavers Guild" freetext added to them

2. Leave at least 5 ideas on other authors' submissions.
3. Suggest 5 relevant submissions on other authors' subs.
4. Maintain at least a "3" in intelligence and dexterity in your guild stats/quote]

Finished Submissions

* Othamm the God of Completion
* 30 Things that Grow in a Dwarven Beard
* Maire's Monsters
--- End quote ---

Almost done with this!  Just entered the last submission, and am now waiting for votes.

Are you going to add Weavers Guild freetext?

Just missing the freetext on one of them I now see.

Did you make it yet? Did ya? Did ya?


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