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*OFFICIAL* Dwarven Guild Next Level Requirements (aka, the next inch of beard...)

1. Write 3 more Dwarven Subs, 1 stub allowed to take the place of a sub. (3 more?! Aaghh, brutal, you're probably thinking, but see #3!!)
2. One of the subs must be a Dwarven Masterwork weapon or piece of armor (helms, girdles, shields, breast-plates, etc). Make your bearded ancestors proud!
3. Now the fun part!! Go find all of your pre-existing Dwarven-themed submissions. Attach a "Dwarven Guild" freetext to them. Every 2 subs thus marked, count as 1 for purposes of achieving the next level! So, lets say you find 4 old dwarven subs. You are now down to 1 new sub left to write! If you find more than 4, great, but Note: 1 new Masterwork Dwarven item must still be written to advance to next level.
4. Find any 2 Dwarven subs and add ideas to them. Not comments, but ideas. 1 of the subs is allowed to be one of your own.
5. Vote/comment on any 3 Dwarven subs
6. At least 1 of your dwarven comments or added ideas, MUST be up-voted.
7. Remember, a 3.25 aggregate score on all of your dwarven subs must be maintained, with a Minimum of 2 votes/comments on each.

Upon completion of the Quest you may add "Forgemaster" to your sig, receive 4 more stat points to distribute. At least 1 pt must go to str con and end respectively (we're building dwarves here)

 AND, (pending Strolen's approval), you get 25XP overall because you're just an awesome dwarf now!

I accept my own challenge. Upon completion of my Forgemaster Quest, I shall become a Forgemaster. And my increased stats will be able to kick all other people's elf-like butts. And all will tremble at the site of my beard.


Thank you! This is now the official recruitment video of the DWARVEN GUILD!

 :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

THAT is awesome!


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