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Weavers Guild Level 1 Quest

Improvization -- Apprenticeship Application

Seekers of forgotten lore and spinners of new tales, the Weavers work to keep the Citadel standing strong.  We bring old submissions back to the light, breathe new life into neglected ideas, and make connections where none were before.

To join the Weavers Guild:

1. Write 3 inter-related submissions and link them together.  Preferred method of linking is to reference the other submissions directly within the text of each sub.
     Write 3 submissions that link to other submissions (not your own) on the site.

One of these may be a stub, OR a "100 word challenge"/"short and sweet" sub -- the other two must be full-length subs (Updated May 6th, 2013).

These submissions must:
* Each receive at least 3 votes
* Maintain a score of 3.25 or higher
* Have the "Weavers Guild" freetext added to them

2. Leave at least 5 ideas on other authors' submissions.
3. Suggest 5 relevant submissions on other authors' subs.
4. Maintain at least a "3" in intelligence and dexterity in your guild stats (you may have to pull off amazing feats of contortion to get such disparate subs to mesh together nicely).

Optional (but helpful):
To include the Weavers Guild icon in the summary of your sub (making it easier for other members to quickly identify your subs on the front page), switch the summary box to HTML mode and paste in:

{img src="" height="40" width="40" align="right"}

You must replace the "{}" with "<>" to make this work.
UPDATE: The above is no longer necessary, with Strolen's recent changes to subs with the guild freetext.  If you have modified any of your subs this way, you should probably remove the img link now, so that the icon doesn't show up twice in the summary.

Upon completion of this quest, you will earn:
* The title of Apprentice
* 5 stat point increase to distribute at will (keeping in mind #4 above)
* The right to add the Weaver icon to your forum signature
* The right to add the "Weavers Guild" freetext to any of your old submissions that links to at least one other submission.
* Optional: the right to add "Weaver" or "Spinner" (or something similar) to your handle to identify yourself to other Citadel members.

Give me a hint about what kind of graphic you are looking to represent it. Spider web type thing came to mind. Now that you will have completed the quest it will become official!

I like the spider/web motif.  Just go ahead and make something that looks good to you -- I trust in your photoshop foo.

Come up with a story about the raven, I just liked it. :)

Happy to do something else but this is where my muse took me today.

I love the raven!  It makes us look all dignified and sh*t.  :D  I'll work him in as a mascot somewhere.


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