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Guild Matters--conversations with the council

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Sometimes, with the proper coaxing, I can get the long-dead spirits of the legendary Three Dwarven Masters to briefly emerge from their forge-phylacteries and ask them their thoughts on all matters pertaining to the Dwarven Guild.

Iron-Ghost: We have come
Stonebladder: I am hungry
Pebbledust: Hrmmph-pshaw!

Me: Thank you bearded elders for your time, just wanted to share guild news with you.

Iron-Ghost: proceed then, smooth-cheeked one

Me: Yes, well, ok. There are a few new dwarven guild pledges and I merely seek your opinions. First there is val--err--Dorak Stonehammer. Your thoughts gentle-dwarves.

Stonebladder: Who?
Iron-Ghost: I knew a Stonehammer once
Pebbledust: I like him.
Me: Why?
Pebbledust: His great-uncle invented the Dwarven Lighting Bottle
Me: M'kay.

Me: Then there is Agar...

Stonebladder: Who?
Iron-Ghost: We knew an Agar once.
Pebbledust: Good dwarven name!
Me: That is not his dwarven name---ah, never-mind.
Pebbledust: I like him.
Me: Why?
Pebbledust: he once gifted us fifty Centipede Nails

Me: Right. Next we have Grothar Rockfury

Stonebladder: Who?
Iron-Ghost: I knew a Rockfury once
Stonebladder: Ah, yes, the ruler of that other guild.
Iron-Ghost: He crafted our fine, masterwork Guild-Symbol!
Pebbledust: I like him.
Me: Ok, then.

Me: And what of axlerowes?

Iron-Ghost: I've never known an axlerowes
Stonebladder: He writes of banks
Pebbledust: We like banks
Iron-Ghost: He needs a dwarven name
Me: I'll let him know.

Iron-Ghost: What of you then?
Me: Who?
Stonebladder: You have yet to officially join.
Me: Yes, well, I'm trying you see---
Iron-Ghost: We can easily find another Guild Leader
Me: I'm going as fast as I can!
Pebbledust: A rolling moss gathers no stones
Me: What?
Stonebladder: Just giving you another dwarven proverb
Me: That does not make any sense.
Iron-Ghost: Do not question the council!
Me: Right. Sorry.

This is great :)

Do not question the council! LOL

Oh, and I gave Grothar's Drinking Horn back in the day. Council is probably using it right now. :)

That is actually entertaining and Im not a dwarf.

Iron-Ghost: We return
Pebbledust: Where to?
Stonebladder: To this place they call a Dwarven Guild.

Me: Oh, what a surprise! I wasn't expecting you, until the Sandstone Festival.

Iron-Ghost: Nevertheless...
Pebbledust: We have concerns with your chosen Dwarven name.
Me: What's wrong with Ironball Steelbutter?
Iron-Ghost: You assume that if you combine some sort of metal with some incongruous word, that will a Dwarven name make?!
Me: Well--
Stonebladder: Or if you combine a mineral with a body part?
Me: I uhh--
Pebbledust: Or pebble and dust??!!
Me: Ummm

Me: Oh, hey in other news, our Guild grows stronger daily!

Pebbledust: Yes, we saw. Dwarven quirks?
Iron-Ghost: Dwarves have no quirks!
Stonebladder: We are flawless.
Me: Indeed, but--

Iron-Ghost: Tell us of this axlerowes
Me: He is a fine member of our Guild.
Pebbledust: He scratches single runes on giant stones!
Me: What?
Stonebladder: Tell him to stop wasting so much stone! He scratches away at a new one for every new thought!
Me: I'll let him know.

Iron-Ghost: Now then, what of the annual Guild fees and dues?
Stonebladder: You think we can survive on your Dwarven tales alone?
Pebbledust: Give us goooooold!
Me: I have to run guys.


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