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I strive to become a Deathpriest


I have put forth my very soul into the task of becoming an honored Deathpriest... woe to those who disbelieve.

Deathpriest Requirements.

Arming the Swarm!

* Create 3 2 types of items suitable for arming of the undead. Can be unique or mass produced. (3 submissions) 3, 2, 1Anadem of Kormak
Dark Mantle of D'Geen

* Create a new type of undead that can use one or more of the items you create.

* Putting the "Necromantic Cult" freetext to three undead/necromantic subs previously authored will count as a single sub for this quest. (co-authored work must gain the approval of the contributing author(s))
Added Necromantic Cult Freetext Souless, Amulet of the d**ned, Blood Chalice
* All three (2) submissions must maintain a 3.5 or better with 3 votes, or 3.0 with 4 votes.Reward: 4 stat points and you attain the Title of Deathpriest and gain a level. One bonus stat point if 2 or more of the items are tied together.



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