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Mathom, the God of Delays

You are already a member...perhaps, or probably...and if you don't know, you most likey are.

Mathom is ever present and in a constant battle of your time and energy. He is with you when you procrastinate and master of you when you delay. Many embrace him unwillingly and yearn for their freedom from his clutches. Others are resolved to their fate....which are you?

Mathom Requirements:
Any Submissions that have been "In Work" status for more than a month. (Mathom Acolytes may have 20+)
Failure to go through many of your submissions and upvote worthy comments and idea additions.
Reading a submission but failing to comment or vote
Using a submission in a game session and not telling the author how it ended up.
Other requirements can be added by anybody
You only need to fulfill one requirement to be admitted (or none, whatever)

Mathom is one of two Guilds that you can join at any moment even if in the middle of another quest
If you meet a requirement, you are instantly accepted.

For those that become members
There is nobody you have tell and nothing you have to do.
You don't earn anything and, even if you did, you don't have to actually comply with it..

-If you like, you can add something like "Mathom's Helper" to your signature to acknowledge his power.
-If you don't want to be that obvious, then add an extraneous character somewhere in your signature. A double period, a random comma/period, a mispelling. Something on purpose, or on accident, to let Mathom know that you are still working on something and will get around to fixing it later.
-You could link this random character to the Mathom Submission or this Guild to enlighten those that have the time to notice these small details.

More to come., (and if you have any additional thoughts, this is an open Guild with no moderator. So suggest rules or ideas as you wish!)

I think I'll be adding: "Mathom's most devout of..." to mine :P

Can we share that title?

In the name of Mathom, I threw in an extra comma in my signature. And then linked it here. Naturally, the addition of the comma and the linking were separated by a period of a month (possibly/probably/no doubt more). And that month was filled with good-natured I-was-going-to-do-it-now-but-THIS-came-up's, ignorance on the subject and delays in the pursuit of knowledge on the subject, and so on and so forth.

Perhaps because I actually got around to it demonstrates how I shouldn't actually be apart of this guild?

I probably shouldn't be. I'll remove the comma.


I have 23 in-work private submissions lurking in the dark place.

The lightless place where my aborted submissions will languish.

Mathom is a cruel lord and master.


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