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Cheka Man:
 Weaponmaster Apprentice Requirements.

•Write following one each of the following categories of submission, each of which should have a strong weapon focus.
1-Any weapon that is not a sword, magical swords are so..cliche. Any other weapon will do.
2-Any armour
   Contribution of 10 or more items to an appropriate submission in the listed category can count as a submission, although the submission contributed to must be authored by either a declared or actual member of the weapon  Guild.

•Read, vote, and comment on, 5 Submissions with weapon focus, the weapon freetext giving a good (if biased) selection. These must be submitted by others.

•Submissions need to have an average of 3.0, with at least 2 votes to count.
•Must upvote no less than 10 comments on subs pertaining to Weaponrry, not of your own creation.
•Must add "Weapon Guild" freetext and "Weaponry" freetext on all subs to be considered

On completion of the requirements you will earn the following.

•Title of Apprentice Weaponmaster
•Create a new Weapon name to add to your Soul.
•Upon completion of requirements you will receive 5 stat increase points to distribute at will.

•On completing the requirements for entry into the Weaponmasters' Guild and attaining first level, members are entitled to add the "Weapon Guild freetext to all of their appropriate submissions.
◦The right to add the Weapon  icon(TBA) to your signature. (icon not made yet)

Not to hijack the thread but you had alchemist guild in place of weaponmaster guild in the appropriate places.


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