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Necromancer Quest 2


I'll have an idea on this soon... feedback is welcome. I have a few ideas swimming around.

Quest Idea Dump:

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor (and Rise Up Again)

* Create a new type of undead (submission)
* Create a new location (submission)
* Create a plot that ties together the new type of undead and the new location (submission)
* All three submissions must maintain a 3 or better with 4 votesNotes: Beginner-oriented quest, suitable for a necromancer to get his or her feet wet plotting the destruction of the world (or a reasonable fraction of it).
Reward: 3 stat points. One bonus stat point if any of the three submissions attains 4.5 or better with 3 votes.

For the Swarm!

* Create 3 new types of undead (3 submissions)
* Create a new type of equipment suitable for arming a horde of undead

* Weapons, armor, it doesn't matter what it is, but keep in mind that it needs to be usable by undead, who are not known for their brilliance
* All four submissions must maintain a 3.5 or better with 3 votes, or 3.0 with 4 votes.Notes: The armies must march forth and water the soil with the blood of innocents! Prepare your host of minions!
Reward: 5 stat points and you gain a level. One bonus stat point if 2 or more of the undead are tied together.

Modify or change as desired. These are NOT set in stone.

+1 Stat bonus for you Chaos, I am inspired and the next quest will be released to the Horde soon...


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