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Alchemist's Guild:

Those who seek the deeper mysteries and have the intelligence to do so may find a home here.

Alchemist Apprentice Requirements.

* Write following one each of the following categories of submission, each of which should have a strong Alchemical focus.
   1 Submission using 2 or more submissions, again of an Alchemical nature, to concoct a new one of any desired category.
Contribution of 10 or more items to an appropriate submission in the listed category can count as a submission.

* Read, vote, and comment on, 5 Submissions with Alchemical focus, the Alchemy freetext giving a good (if biased) selection. These must be submitted by others.

* Submissions need to have an average of 3.5, with at least 3 votes to count.
* Must upvote no less than 10 comments on subs pertaining to Alchemy, not of your own creation.
* Must add "Alchemists Guild" freetext and "Alchemy" freetext on all subs to be considered
On completion of the requirements you will earn the following.

* Title of Apprentice Alchemist
* Create a new Alchemical name to add to your Soul.
* Upon completion of requirements you will receive 5 stat increase points to distribute at will.

* On completing the requirements for entry into the Alchemists Guild and attaining first level, members are entitled to add the "Alchemy Guild freetext to all of their appropriate submissions.

* The right to add the Alchemy icon(TBA) to your signature.

What has come of this? How many alchemists do we have? :book:

I think this Guild is not yet formed because of the requirement that there had to be 3+ pledges for it in order for it to be finalised or something. Cheka's Weapon Masters Guild is currently in the same boat. 


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