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Guild leaders better darn well be members, which is why I thought it redundant. But it doesn't hurt obviously.

Guild names would be cool too!

oh yah; could I get a scribble under the Necromancers Cult pledge?

Done, although looking at the list I think some of the other guilds need to be updated some.

Did a couple updates. If you can't update and know what needs to be changed, feel free to let us know right in this thread. Those that can edit will do the updates.

If you have an idea for a better format to list these things (to include showing Guild names which I wasn't sure how to format) please give us your ideas!!

Two things-

first, Dozus has also pledged to join the Cartography Guild.
second, why not make it guild responsibility to keep track of who's a pledge, who's a member, and so on? Put that information in the guild itself, and then maybe every week or so Strolen could take that info and post it here, if we still wanted this page to show all census data.


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