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I must have gotten tangled up in the thread somewhere along the way.  :cthulhu:

Now we have as well!

Oooh. Val, I think I might do that for all of them! Although I would want the guild leaders to build them. Hmmmm.

Just looked at that mess of a page. Will fix the formatting tomorrow and load up all the guilds. Once that is done I can probably do a quick custom script to suck in all the different guilds into a one page snapshot.

You are brilliant!!

I have successfully completed my first level of the Occult Brotherhood. Can someone put me up there, please? Oh, and, FIRST FIVE-GUILDED STROLENITE!!! Now, on to six-guilded strolenite. With some guild that I need to decide on.

Five spot. Way to go caesar!! Almost ready to upgrade to 194 at this rate!


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