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Playing a joke on the Weavers, Strolen?

As for the Divine Synod, Dozus is still the leader though I am the only sworn member.  I don't believe there are any pledges to it atm, either.


Fixed, I think. Fixed as far as I can without a notepad going through the threads. Ain't nobody got time for 'dat. ;)

As the Cult Leader of the Necromancers, ceasar I kept this updated until it got way to confusing to edit. It's not a lack of effort, more a lack of desire to screw up the format as I did once.

Okay, I am back again. Another guild under my belt. This time, I request that someone with the necessary powers put me under the members list in the Divine Synod. Thanks!

Two dwarves enter the Guild of Guilds!!!! Scras and Gossamer!!!!

Oo-rah!! Oo-rah!!



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