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Still think we Necromancer's have the coolest Guild Icon... just saying.

I lack the power to do as I know needs done in here. But I do believe this needs a spring cleaning.

One: The Guild of the Divine Synod is up and running. It should have a spot here.
Two: The Strolenites have Moonlake, and Cheka Man (maybe?)
Three: Necromancers have their skeletal claws on Shadoweagle. Level two, if I'm not mistaken.
Four: The awesomest guild, the cartographers, are proud to have Dozus join our ranks
Five: The weavers have woven Elbin, Dossta, and Moonlake.
Six: I didn't count pledges. So someone else go do that. I've done enough slogging through Guild records for the day.

Definitely needs an update.  Moonlake, Elbin and valadaar are all full members of the Weavers now.  Time for some more pledges!

I think somewhere Strolen has said that Guild Leaders should keep tab of their own membership lists. But I haven't actually seen any guild membership list thread in any existing Guilds.

I think I got most of them.

Thanks for the getting the updates together caeser!!


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