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Having joined the exclusive ranks of the true Strolenati, I seek to distinguish myself by completing the first Strolenati Quest:

--- Quote ---1. A Submission that links to 5 other subs that are older than 5 years.
- The key is to use 5 older submissions to build yours and use their ideas inside your own submission.
- You can use more than one submission to do it if you like, as long as 5 submissions are eventually linked to your new subs.
- Use the Freetext Strolenati Guild on these subs.
2. Comment and Vote on 10 0 submissions that are over 5 years old.
3. Comment and Vote on 10 0 submissions by 5 0 different Authors that are no longer active.
- Bonus stat points (2) if that author actually comes back after you comment on it!

Stat Bonus Reward: 5 stat points and you earn another level.
--- End quote ---

Awesome. The FIRST that all others will be judged on!

Just the sub to do now.  Working on a few ideas.

Tearing it up the last few days!!!

Ha!  I one-upped your puny 5 submission requirement by linking my new sub to eight of the suckers.  *pumps fist in triumph*   

Guildmaster -- please examine my Potion of Euphemisms to be sure it fits the requirements, but I think that completes this quest!


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