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Pieh - Here We Go Again: Part Que? Eclectic Booglaloo

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I, the therefore and herefore Mightiest of the Piehs, do humbly submit my intention to write my name upon the Official Bathroom Stall of the Strolenati. For great justice, my liberal use of black sharpie shall take the form of bold blocky lettering so as to let it be known to all those who pass their wares here: Pieh is of caliber. Pieh is of right. Pieh is of Strolenati. That is my wish, which coincides with my previous wish of making this wish come true. I will do some of what is in my power to achieve this, though nothing as to be inconveniences to my other efforts in past, present, or future. It shall be done.

That which remains yet undone:

• 5 upvoted comments or ideas on other's submissions

• you upvote 10 [3 / 10 Complete] other people's comments or ideas

• 1 Submission
- Must have at least 4 votes
- Must maintain a 3 or better
- Must have the Freetext "Strolenati Guild"
--- End quote ---

Also, Free Dragon: 

Welcome to your future! Say good-bye to your destiny!

I humbly look forward to welcoming another brother-in-arms to this mightiest of guilds, with the mostest members who are coolest!

I usually don't trust most bathroom scrawl. For instance, most phone numbers are NOT what you expect. But this has a ring of prophecy to it and so should be pretty exciting!

Hey, Pieh's back!  Good luck with the quest -- the Strolenati await.

Well, uh... *Sigh* This didn't go as planned. Mathom has be scheduled to complete this some time after eventually. I'll  see what I can do.


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