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Hoot Hoot. Steam along Caesar!!

Finished another location sub. Its called Exitium, check it out. Anyways, what I still have left:

One location sub
One location sub 3.5+
one society sub
fretext 'cartography guild' on subs

Looks like the puzzles are fitting into pieces.
Maybe I'll combine this week's fretext friday and a location sub requirement and write about the Cursed Elven Nation of ___. Or something.

Do double brackets on both sides of your link in the forum and it will autolink with the main Citadel!

And congrats on your continuing trek. I have stalled in the Dwarvern catacombs so am jealous of those that have continued their journey. You give me inspiration!

Well, Exitium has done well for itself. Apparently strolenites like to read about a group of Viking-like people getting killed in a ruin. At the time of me posting/writing/whatever you call it, Exitium isat 4.17, which fulfills the location sub 3.5+ requirement. I'll keep an eye on it, and hope it doesn't go down. And this reminds me- how long does a sub have to stay higher than 3.5 to allow a person to be a cartographer? Potentially, future people could give it so many one that the sub his 3, thus meaning he was still a regular old guild-less strolenite. I'll have to modify that. Anyway, here are the remaining requirements:

One location sub
One society sub
Free text 'cartography guild' on subs.

As I said before, I'll do the mix of freetext Friday and requirements with the Plains Elves.

I would say as long as it is 3.5 when you end your quest, that should be good enough.

(Also, when you link on the forum, you have to use [[ double brackets on both sides. Just one of those small differences that are annoying.


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