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As always, be sure to check facebook for any updates to site/server issues.

If the site is down and I know about it, I usually post there. When I am at work, the site is blocked to me (as is my host's trouble ticket site) so I am basically crying at my computer looking at the emails saying the site is down. (I have the site pinged by services so I know within minutes if it goes down). This group is also where you can feel free to post randomness and such.

The other facebook page we have is dedicated to the site. I started posting the new subs there but am at a loss as to what to do with it. If you have any ideas, let me know!


How about a subreddit on reddit?


How about "One mind at a time" instead of "One empire.."  :)

Funny how my research into reddit turns into this:

I don't know much about reddit but it seems like my kind of thing. Will see if I can slowly get into it at work. I just don't have time for yet another time sink at home, but if you think we would fit a subreddit, I am all for it.

Do you have a script set to auto-post the new subs, or do you do it by hand? Because I'm thinking that it would be nice to only have a single, aggregated daily new-subs post to that page. My feed got mildly hammered when you did that flurry of individual updates.


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