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Dossta - Donning Guild Colors


I hereby pledge myself and my honour to the Strolenati!

5 upvoted comments or ideas on other's submissions
you upvote 10 other people's comments or ideas
1 Submission
-Must have at least 4 votes
-Must maintain a 3 or better
-Must have the Freetext "Strolenati Guild"

The gathered members stand in solemn silence as the newest pledge enters the Strolenati Hall. The first party popper broke the silence to an intense barrage of confetti streamers exploding in the hall. Not sure who had the tamborine with bells, but it got annoying. But we are thrilled to have you join your initial Guild Quest!

Go forth and upvote in the name of the Strolenati.

Quest complete!  Now I just need to pick out my stats . . .


The greatest Guild in the Citadel gets another full fledged member. Welcome, our due master will be around shortly to collect.


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