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Cracked's Horror department. There are some interesting if a tad jack-assy articles on Why You want a zombie apocalypse, things that everyone does in a zombie apocalypse that is really a dumbass idea. It's not groundbreaking, but there is some time that has been put into it and it brings up some interesting ideas.

Resident Evil is pretty much a pillar of the Zombie genre today, and it pretty much created the survival horror genre of video games. And there is a wiki for everything.

Zombie Girl is a Halloween techno duo that mixes gore and electronic music. Found her strolling through Pandora and was blown away. Link is for Go Zombie, but Creepy Crawler, Creature of the Night and Jesus Was a Zombie

List of top zombie movies

I spent hours on today reading about zombies and what to do and what not to do... I loved it. Great link.

I watched the video and was confused. I think I liked it.

The video scared me, but I found it entertaining... Remove the head, destroy the brain. 1st rule in zombie survival handbook.


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